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While most of these tools are accessible to the general public, the STEM Student Finder is available only to organizations that have teamed up with the College Options Foundation's partners, myCollegeOptions­­® and STEMconnector®, through one of the following programs.

Your organization, corporation or institution can gain full access to the STEM Student Finder by participating in the programs below.

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Participating STEM Supporter Programs

Full access to the STEM Student Finder is provided to participants of these programs.

The STEMconnector® STEM Higher Education Council (SHEC) mission is to bring focused energy to Higher Education’s leading high impact practices, increasing the emphasis on STEM pipeline-to-jobs (and what we call STEM 2.0). The SHEC will inventory and integrate current efforts whenever possible, building on the energy of others in support of boundary-breaking collaborations between higher education (two and four year institutions) and industry to achieve significant results that can be recognized and scaled-up.

National Program Partners

These organizations partner with My College Options to leverage our unique capabilities in student and educator engagement, technology and research to provide enhanced value to the audiences they serve.

Promote and increase attainment of college degrees and careers in STEM disciplines to support the rapidly growing national need by participating in this national campaign to high achieving students interested in STEM careers. This cooperative effort lets you provide the right content, resources, support and engagement to build a measurable pipeline of motivated students. The program is a multi-channel, targeted campaign designed for maximum impact and engagement. It includes a career encouragement "kit" delivered to the home, electronic communications, online engagement portal, and ongoing, personalized messaging.

The myCollegeOptions® Career Encouragement Program

With access to millions of students and knowledge of their future aspirations, My College Options assists professional associations and corporations that seek to impact the workforce of the future. Real change and growth in trends can be accomplished when you IDENTIFY, CONNECT and ENGAGE with the right students, early in their educations. The My College Options Career Encouragement Program allows you to reach out to specifically targeted students at the appropriate times in their career planning. Let’s get started!